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.......... Welcome friends. In this group you will be able to see any Star Wars videos- Home made or skits- that I will upload for your enjoyment. You may also submit any and all Star Wars videos that you believe the rest of the group would enjoy. I will as well download wallpaper for your desktop, as well as behind the scenes photos and/ or video. Any recent news that may be of interest to us, I will place inside the group, or provide a link for you. Current projects from the past actors I will also provide, such as for Hayden, Samuel, Natalie, Liam, Ewan, and etc…including any recent activities from George Lucas himself...........................I will provide gift idea’s, any travel packages related to Disney’s Jedi Academy, or Star Wars events. In addition I will also add fun things, such as great gift ideas, birthday, home decor and etc..........to give you ideas for the kiddies. If you know of any other way to make our group more interesting, then please let me know.

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